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February 2014



What is Your Blog about – Serving the best niche blogs

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find a niche for a blog

Here are the following things that you must do before starting a blog. Coming up with blogging content, starting a blogger .com blog, launching a blog on word press, promotion of your blog, sample blog posts.

  1. You must come out of the blogging concept – Ask yourself what do u like, and what do your blog needs to be. Does u wish to share it with the other folks? Here are a couple of ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Includes politics, food, movies, cars and your business.


  1. You can make a blog for free – Think about how you want to help people. While you want to know the area you are working with, you need to be clear purpose and some ideas about how a blog can contact with your intended. Teach someone if you are passionate about teaching. Offer your knowledge to people.


  1. find a niche for a blogProviding the latest news and trends – what are the latest developments. Write them down. It should be something related to topics of yours. You want to be that insider who can continue to engage readers and the blog’s readership.


  1. Make people laugh – if you already know that you are the funniest person out there, apply it. Talk about almost anything you like. There are different ways to resonate with people.


  1. Inspire others – have you overcome your obstacles? If you have a story to tell. Go ahead and share with others. This will help you relive some stress, share some of your pain with the others and leave things the way it is.


  1. Be careful! You must not put anything negative in your blog. Talk about random stuff or precisely something that you want to share with others.


  1. Spy on your competition – take a look at what other blogs in our niche has to say. See what else others are doing. Does u have something different and unique to offer to your readers? Identify your niche and give your blog an angle, this should be your highlighting point. Do something or create something new that will distinguish your identity from the others including the blog work you may have done or planned to do.

 make a blog

  1. Generate names of your blog: – try to brainstorm a list of names and writing them down on a piece of paper. You can also talk to your friends and family about how to get a new name for your blog. You can also try to free writing to figure out what comes to your mind as you free associate about our topic.


  1. Research keywords that are related to your topic and subject to blog:- use software like ubersuggest to find keywords. You can search by word, phrase and by website.


  1.  Decide where to create and host your blog – Blogger or Word press 2 of the most popular blog creation site on the web. Try blogger, word press and to make your customized blog.


These tips are some genuine tips that will help you start a project including your blog. Keep in mind, which choosing the name of the blog is also important.

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