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January 2014



Tips on how to Name your blog

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Creative Blog Name

When you want to create a new blog do you get stuck on the basic things like the Name of your blog ? You cant decide exactly what name you want because the name you will choose will represent your blog forever ? Well let me tell you it is not just you. Naming a blog as much as it seems easy it is actually much harder and important than most people understand.

There are plenty of factors that you should look at before you decide to name your blog. Factors like : the lenght of the blog name , the SEO purpose of the name ( will be niche related or not ) , will it be a branding name or just a personal name for your personal blog. All these factors are reviewed in this article.

If you already have a blog, you may have to customize it more in order to make it more attractive and clearer. Here are a few ways that you can do to choose a blog name. It includes: –

Naming your BlogThe name should describe your niche – it is very important you find a name for your blog that pertains to or is into your niche. Match long-tail keywords that have been identified for your blog niche. It should be a .com or .net address. Other domain tags might be slower and be recognized by search engines.

The blog name should be easier to remember. Your blog should focus on long tail and niche keywords from our industry, but it should also be simple. The name should be as concise as possible. Avoid using any kind of dashes, or misspelled words in the title. Try to find a domain name as concise as it can be.

The blog should be equal to your blog name and domain name. It will be much harder to remember if you blog name is not optimized. It is much harder to remember the blog name if it does not contain your blog name. Use Google keyword analyzer when using to find a new niche. You would have to compile the list and find top 100 searched terms that have fewer than 50,000 matches, when you start for the same keyword. Start through the first keyword and move through the list if you are not able to find a domain.

how-to-name-your-blogThere are some of the tips that will be beneficial for your blog in terms of naming your blog. Naming a blog is not much hard, you just need to follow he instructions that we have written here and your blog is all ready to show up on the website. Stay away from .org and .info like domains.

They are worthless if you are looking for revenue generation for your blog. Make the name of the blog unique and easier to remember for your blog visitors. Some bloggers might be using technical terms that are not familiar and easy to remember. It must be equal to the domain name. Keep the name of your blog simple so that it is easy on users and easy to remember.

The name of the blog describes the blog. If you have a blog of your own, the name should represent the entire blog. What is the purpose of your blog? Naming your blog isn’t hard, but you should also not take it lightly to finish the blog. No matter what the blog is for, make it informative, fun and unique. Users tend to click on things they find out to be different and away from the usual others.

A number of people, who would see the link to view the blog, are intended for intellectuals when they are not. Blog names can be general too. Don’t name your blog with big sentences, so that it’s not hard for the users to remember.

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