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January 2014



How to monetize your blog with Amazon Associates

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Amazon Associates

Hello, in our previous article here we explained how you can monetize your blog by adding AdSense to it and writing good quality content. Now we want to show you another way that you can use to make more money out of your blog. This time we will be using Amazon Affiliates as our monetizing method by writing amazon product reviews on our blog.

Getting an Amazon Associate account

Make money with Amazon

What you will need is an Amazon Associate account and a blog. Getting an amazon associate account is pretty easy and you can register in just a few steps. Here is the link where you can register your amazon associate account : After creating and activating your account you can log in into your dashboard where you have access to all amazon products and choose which ones you will want to promote on your blog.

You are wondering how can you make money with amazon products ? Well it is simple, as a blogger you will write reviews about the products that you want to promote and if your readers decide to buy the product than you will get a % of that sale also called commission. And the best part of all of it is that you can choose the products that you are most interested in in your real life or products that you already have some experience with.

How to write Product Reviews that convert into sales ?

Amazon Product Reviews Writing a good product review is very important when using this      monetizing method. A well written product review can drastically improve  your sales percentage and get you more commission. That is why it is  important to choose the products that you are already interested in or you  have a previous background experience in using those products. The experience can help you write excellent reviews that your readers can enjoy and hopefully make them buy the product at the end. Amazon has made it very easy for blogger to review products and has all the information that you will need to start writing your reviews on your blog.

After you have chosen the product that you want to review start writing a nice explanatory text on how the product can benefit your readers and include affiliate links in the content of your article. Make sure to write a good high quality reviews and not just say “This product is great, check it out”,but instead include as much information as you can about your product.

Amazon also offers a variety of promotional tools that you can use on your blog that can help you increase your conversations such as widgets that you can implement on your blog, banners of different categories or niches, embedded products with included reviews etc. That is why we suggest that you first get familiar with amazon associates program and play around with the tools they offer you that can help you with your product promotions.

Do not stop at writing just one review for one product instead write as much reviews as you can for a variety of products. Try to write at least one review a day at first and choose a different product for every review since maybe not all of your visitors are interested in that particular  product so you will increase your chances in getting a sale by adding different categories of products.

This method requires only 1 hour of your time a day and can be done by anyone that has the desire to start making some money from their blog. If you have some free time than go ahead and start writing your reviews. You can leave us a comment on your results or if you have any other questions regarding this article.

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