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January 2014



How to monetize your blog through affiliate networks

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Using Affiliate Program on your Blog

If you are a well-established blogger and the content you provide entertains readers which trust you, you can make them trust your recommendations as well and you can push them towards a certain product or service.Affiliate marketing can monetize your blog while still maintaining content integrity. You earn commission by promoting a brand’s product or services on your blog and driving buyers to that brand.

First thing you need to do is choose Affiliate Programs that are relevant and relate to the content of your blog. The more relevant your partner is to the posts you make, the bigger is the possibility for a reader to check his add.  When a visitor clicks on the ad to sign up for something or make a purchase, you get paid. Although you should choose products related to your content you can also affiliate with other types of product that you believe your audience will be interested in.Affiliate Blogs

You can also think about investing in Affiliate Aggregator Service. If your blog consists of different topic you might want to consider a program such as VigLink, which automates access to more than 30,000 affiliate programs and monetizes the links on your site for you. It can also link a product or brand within your content which enhances the user experience and optimizes revenue.

It is very important that you produce a content that sells. You can’t just write product review or recommendations with affiliate marketing in mind. It would be better if you share an experience, use a creative angle or write testimonials about the affiliate brand product and then direct reader to an affiliate link as an additional, complementary resource.

But when you decide to add affiliate links you mustn’t overload your blog with it. Too much advertising links can devalue your content credibility and turn the readers away. You need to maintain a balance between monetization and reinforcing the user’s experience. Because of that you need to leave most of your space ad-free and maintain the quality and quantity of your content. It would be for the best if not every page contains an ad.

Blog Email Subscribers

Also, a good idea would be building email subscriber list for promoting affiliate products when it feels right or when it’s appropriate.

That can be a great space for ads and additional content where you can link to products.

But you need to know that if you want affiliate marketing to work you need to focus mostly on the value of the content you produce.

You need to have readers that trust you and maintain their trust. You need to cultivate your content the same way you were doing before adding the affiliates  and in the same time drive your reader towards the brand you promote.

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