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February 2014



How to make your own blog

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Blogging can be done for two main reasons including internet marketing and others are personal blogs. When it comes to internet marketing, starting a blog can be confusing. But as you go down the road, you will find that blogging is very fun and helps in content sharing. Creating blogs are very easy, and it does not require any coding skills. The whole process is automatic. It doesn’t really matter how old you are – you can still make it.

  1. Decide the niche of your blog and decide what your blog should be about?

You need to take up a blog topic, if there is something that you are really enjoying and is passionate about, you can start blogging. If you how to make a blogdon’t have an idea about what you want to write, surf around with blogs and blog topics. If you already know about blogging, skip this step to go to real blogging.


  1.  Decide which blogging platform to use, free or self-hosted – most of the blogs in the internet are making use of word press and blogger like platforms. It has been downloaded over 65 million times and is bound to be popular. Why Word press – it is easy to customize, people can comment and share your blog, you can find custom themes for website and the usability is best with Word press.
  1. You can create a free blog if you don’t have a domain of your own. Instead you will receive a sub domain. If you wanted to start a blogging, it will have a name like that They are lacking different themes and plug-in. this will make your blog look empty. If you have additional themes or plug-in to customize your blog, and then work on it.


  1. If your blog is hosted into another site and you are not the owner of the property. If a moderator decides that your blog does not fit with policies, then you will find out that your blog has been deleted your blog and start a fresh one.


  1. how to make a blogIf you are not able to make money through blogging. But you will have to pay for it. You can make money with blogging with a bit of investment. They simply do not allow free blogs and if they do, they will have their own cut including 50%.


  1. A self hosted blog on your own is way better, if you are on a tight budget.  It helps you give full control over the blog as you will look more professional. With a blog, you can share knowledge and become a blogger and earn some money through it.


  1. Choosing a domain hosting and setting up a word press blog. If you have decided to go through a self hosted blog on your domain, you have made a smart choice.  There is one click installation using Web Hosting Hub and manually.  Talk to a professional is you have a blog and you want to customize it.

These steps can help market your blog and also help monetize it. Just follow the simple steps and you will get through. Happy blogging.

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