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January 2014



How to make your own blog using Blogger ( with pictures )

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Create you own Blog with bloggeer

Blogger is by far the most used free public service provided by Google that is used for blogging and creating blogs. It has become the most popular choice between bloggers and it is very easy to menage and to start your own personal blog if you are new to blogging. The only requirement needed to start your personal blog is to have a Google account. In this tutorial we will explain how to make your blog in a few easy steps with blogger and explained with pictures also.

First off start by creating a Google Account on or log in with your Google Account if you already have one and get ready to create your own blog within minutes. After singing in in your account on Blogger click on the NEW BLOG button as shown in the picture below and enter your desired Blog name :

Start a blog on Blogger

Start a blog on Blogger

Choose your name for your Blog
You can try out different names when choosing and blogger will let you know if that name is available for use or not. Most common used names are already taken so make sure to choose a unique name that will best suit your blog.
After you have chosen a name for your blog continue to choosing a Template for your blog. You have some already pre made templates that you can choose from that have beautiful designs for your Blog. Choose the starter template which will be your blog primary design ( you will be able to customize your design on a letter not ). Choose the design and click on the create a blog button like shown in the picture :
Choose a Starter Template
Now you will be redirected to your blog homepage where you can add posts make changes to your design view the statistics of your blog and much more. Lets continue by adding a new post to your blog. Click the Posts menu link on the left side and add a new post :
Blogger left menu
Add a new post on Blogger
Now here you can add the title of your new post and the content that you would like the post to have. Here you have many different basic text editor functions that you can use in order to optimize your post content like making different text sections bold, change the font size or font color, add links to your blog or images etc. You also have an advanced option to edit the HTML code of your blog post if you preffer.


Edit HTML of your blog post on Blogger



After you are satisfied with your post now you need to publish your post on your blog. That is done by clicking the Publish button right next to your Post title. You can also save your post for later publishing or Preview it to see how the post will look on your blog.

Publish Post on blogger


If you want to change the design of your Blog because you are not satisfied with the primary design you can change it by going to the main Blog menu and clicking the Design tab on your blogger menu. There you can choose from a variety of other already made blog templates for your blog. You can also customize your primary Template by clicking on the Customize link below your primary template on your Templates menu.

Customize Primary Template Blogger


From the Design tab you can also edit Page Elements, HTML and change your template with Template Designer any way you wish. In the Settings tab you adjust other settings like who is able to view your blog or the contribute to or comment on your blog etc. In the sub tabs in the Settings menu you can adjust the publishing , comments or permissions of your blog and a lot more.

Settings Tab Blogger


Also another important thing is that you can add authors that will be able to contribute to your blog by adding them in the “Permissions” sub tab in the “Settings” tab :

Add authors Blogger


That is it, you are all set and you know know the basic on how to create and menage your own Blog via Blogger. You can play around with the variety of options blogger offers to make your blog more unique and appealing to your visitors and customize your blog by your desire. I hope you liked this tutorial and i wish you all Happy Blogging !

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