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January 2014



How to Add AdSense to Blogger and Make Money from Your Blog

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how to add adsense to blogger

AdSense is a advertisement program by Google and one of the best long term monetization method for your blog. It’s a system of Ads that can be placed on your blog, Web site etc. AdSense support Image ads, video ads, animated and Text ads which are coming directly from Google Adwords  When any visitor comes to your site and click on an advertisement  link Google pays a percentage of what are they charging for the Ads. AdSense is fully customizable, you can choose almost any size you want for your ads and you can place them anywhere you want, however is recommended to be placed in the Header or between the content for best revenueHow to apply for a Google AdSense account.

In order to have Google Ads on your site you`ll need an AdSense account. There are two ways of creating the account :

–          You can submit an application directly at

–          Or you can apply through

Here is how you can apply for AdSense with you Blogger account and your blog.

First go to your blogger dashboard and click on the “Earnings” button as shown in the picture below:

how to add adsense to blogger


Now click sign up for AdSense


how to add adsense to blogger

On the next step if you already have Google account click “ Yes, Proceed to Google Account Sign in”

If you don`t have Google Account click “ No Create a new Google Account”

how to add adsense to blogger

After logging in with your Google Account, Google will ask to to fill some basic info about you and about your blogger


 Use real information only for submitting the application because that information will be used to receive payments. That`s all you need to do to place AdSense on your Blogger.

On another note if you have a Website and want to apply for AdSense than Google needs to go through your site first for approval and the whole process can take up to a several days.

AdSense is offering monthly payments either by check or electronic funds transfer.

There are many restrictions for AdSense. Google doesn’t allow AdSense to a pornographically Web sites or sites with illegal content. You mustn`t click on your Ads or force others to click on your Ads.  AdSense is allowed in all Countries worldwide, the percentage of the Ads varies depending of the Visitors location and the site content.

AdSense generate Ads related to your site, sometimes it generate ads from your competitors (this is often happening with the E-commerce sites)so you can set up a filter through Google AdSense Account. Overall AdSense can bring you a stable income as soon as you following their Rules.

There are people that are earning more than 200.000$ from AdSense but in order to accomplish that you need to attract a large audience. Today everybody is using AdSense,  it’s a simple monetization method that can be implement  in Blogger so you don`t need to use a paid hosting or to buy a domain, all you need to do is to concentrate on creating a quality content and update your blog more frequently.



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