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February 2014



Finding the Best Blog Script

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Best Blogging Scripts

There are some blog related scripting including b2revolution, Nucleus, pMachine Free, and Word press. Word press can be themed easily as the features you would accept and is pretty much the standard php tags. It is difficult to know that there are a lot of PHP Blog scripts that provides brief information about them.  There are some open source PHP scripts for blogs including the following:

Simple Blog PHP – this script provides easy installation, into your existing website design. Your website visitors can read your posts and leave any comments through it. Any publication of new comment is protected through the entering of captcha verification. Administers have to have their own password protected page, where they can create, edit or delete posts of your members.

Blogging Scripts

ApPhP micro blog – the ApPHP micro blogs is very easy and simple blogging software. This helps your product that enables you to start your own blog. They help you enable you to start a blog within a few minutes. Now easily create, add, and manage for your own posts and posting categories. This is perfect for we designers and developers. It is very flexible, and is written in object oriented style that allows web developers change it to suit their needs.

Nibble blog – this is a powerful engine that helps create and manipulate the blog’s complete free. It is an open source PHP blog project. It is very easy to install and configure. The database being used is the XML files and this way it is not necessary to use MySQL or similar DBMS.

PivotX is a cms script that can work on simple blog as well. It has lot of extensions, themes and modules and features. This one has the best tools to out there for easy site building, blogging and management.

Best Blog Scripts

It is built with other famous tools like the jQuery, smarty, Tiny MCE, php and MySQL. There has been a new updated maintenance with update with Pivot X.  This upgrade is recommended for all Pivot X 2.X websites. For securities related usage. Some changes include fixed bug archived list that is used more than once with a different type of outputted wrong number of links. there has been new params for archive list including the amount, start to end and year, mobile themed update, added Pivot X icon for not found images, Added PHP 5.5 for compatibility fix, added smarty security fix, updates to mobile dashboard, fixed problem with more than 1 uploader in the editor, Added delHook function, Added file existence check before creating thumbnail to circumvent lots of unrelated warnings and finally introducing the hidden setting ‘email_start_text’ to replace default text in notification mails.


Finally we have the sandbox for blog. This is a personal website package that provides you with a blog, image gallery and much more. Sandbox was originally designed and maintained by Sam O’Connor as a simple package for postings. As most of the packages do not provide an image gallery or with a good downloads module.

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