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January 2014



Add Google Authorship to your Blog – Helpful for SEO and Content

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Add Google Authorship to your blog

Google authorship is a great feature that will provide you with the edge of doing a Google search.  Once the authorship is set up, they will have your photo near the article written by you in the Google’s search results. You can add Google Authorship any time. If you are trying to improve your SEO, you can add your image and make it more attractive and inspire people to like your picture.

The tool is used to bring traffic in to your blog and read them well. It is a great tool when it is easier to implement to generate more traffic. Many people click on the Google results for videos since they catch the attraction for you. You can apply the same formula and add a picture to your blog. This might help bring in more visitors to your blog with a minimal bounce rate ratio and actually reading the blog. If you have already set up your SEO on-page factors, marking Google authorship is a must after that.

Google Authorship Blog Tutorial

Adding professional touch to article marketing

Link your content to your Google + profile using a verified address. The email address must match your website and be using the same email address with the similar domain as the similar domain of your blog.

–         Create a Google+ page profile

–         Upload a high quality picture of yourself

–         Have a byline of each page with your content for your articles

–         Verify your email address

–         Link your content through filling up by filing up the Contributor to section of your Google+ profile. Link to your blog in this section

–          Using a rich snippet testing tool to make sure that you are verified and see how your search results appear in the search engine at

–         You also have the option to set up Google Authorship y linking our content to your Google+ profile. Follow all the instructions that have been set up in the blog. The instructions are clearly listed on the blog.

–         It takes at least 1 to 2 weeks before the search engine results page shows up your Google Authorship profile. If you want more traffic, then plant the rich snippet. If the rich snippet verified your account and showed your photo, then it will come good in the results page.

Google-AuthorshipIf you want more traffic, you should be linking to you’re your website to the Google + profile. This will be helpful.

A lot of people who have not set up Google Authorship yet, it is almost time to set up the target. You will definitely increase the click through rate and other benefits to name.

If Google starts ranking web pages according to the author rank, you will get the benefit because of Google authorship.

With this profile (Google Authorship) profile you Google plus profile image will appear with your posts. It is a great way to copyright your original content.

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